Every business needs to have a website, and if you are planning to launch one for your company, it is important to set the budget first. Gone are times when hiring a web developer was an absolute necessity. While the demand for developers is on the rise for technical needs and specific requirements, website builders and free website building services are getting popular with time. In this post, we are discussing the things you must know for creating a website for free.

About free hosting

There are many website builders that offer free hosting, but there’s usually some catch in the entire thing. For example, if you are hosting a website with WordPress, your company (let’s say XYZ) will have a domain name like www.xyz.wordpress.com. The host’s extension is usually included, especially when the hosting provider is offering assured uptime, unlimited bandwidth and storage. On the other hand, some website builders may not have extension added to your URL, but there is usually a limitation with regards to storage and bandwidth.

About free domain

Domain names are not for free, unless you agree to have an extension, like the one we just mentioned. There are detailed guides online as how you can buy and set up the domain name for your website, which can be a huge advantage, so check for that. To be fair, domain names are not very expensive, unless you are opting for a premium name or extension. The .com extension is always popular, but if your budget doesn’t permit, you can settle for .biz, .co or any similar for that matter, as long as it works for your business.

About free themes

Themes and templates are usually free in the real sense, and it is possible to customize some of the themes, provided the website builder allows the same. Unless you need a completely customized theme, you can completely skip the developer for this aspect of your website. There are many ‘drag and drop’ website builders, such as Wix and Weebly, which can be considered, while for blogs and simple websites, you can always rely on WordPress, which is undoubtedly the simplest CMS available and can be used effortlessly by beginners and experts alike.

As you may have guessed, launching a website is not always free, and while the domain and hosting seem like additional costs, these are worth paying for a business website. Check online to know more.