Plastic rotational molding is a remarkably versatile production method for plastic goods. It has almost limitless production opportunities due to the customizable nature of the production process. With such a wide array of uses, it can be overwhelming to get to know the various products that can be made with rotational molding. This article will highlight some of the leading products developed using this method.


Tanks manufactured using rotational molding are used for storing water, chemicals, sewage, fuel, and other liquids. These tanks can hold up to 50,000 liters. Some of the types of containers produced by this process include fuel and oil tanks, septic tanks, water treatment tanks, and shipping tanks.


Rotational molding is perfect for producing toys and leisure products. The goods made with this method are usually very durable and hence perfect for kids who break their toys very often. Garden decorations can also be created with this method as it offers a high level of flexibility.

Utility Holes

Plastic manholes are typically manufactured from polyethylene with a durable one-piece construction. These have no seams or seals that can cause maintenance issues. Similarly to fiberglass utility holes, polyethylene utility holes are eco-friendly and do not have a risk of polluting the ground that they are inserted in. The material polyethylene has the advantage of being extremely resistant to corrosion. This is unlike precast concrete utility holes that degrade with time. Those also require frequent rehabilitation and maintenance. Another feature plastic utility holes have which is similar to fiberglass utility holes is that when they are engineered features, such as ladders, can be built-in. This eliminates the need to add other accessories after installation.

Medical Products

Specially designed, and durable products are vital in the medical field. Rotational molding can produce many of the primary products in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and lab. This may include stretchers, a casing for medical specimens and samples, facial oxygen masks, and paramedic cases. This method is flexible in design and requires little to no post-processing. However, in the case of medical products, you may need to post-process and sterilize the products.

Industrial Goods

Recycling units, blower housing, and water filtration systems are some of the industrial applications of rotational molding. The durable nature of products produced through rotational molding makes it an ideal engineering process for products used in industrial fields.

Custom Made Products

Rotational molding is an excellent option for manufacturing custom-designed products. This can help businesses that require specially designed and unique parts for their products.

Therefore, rotational molding is the most versatile method for manufacturing plastics and can be used in almost any field.